Stinky Virus! Yummy Berries!

My poor Emmy caught the hand, foot and mouth virus and hasn’t eaten or drank much in the past three days! This momma is running out of ideas. She drinks a couple of ounces of milk from her bottle but hasn’t really been open to eating anything.

See the thing about this virus is that it fills your mouth with sores. Who would want to eat anything with a mouth full of sores? Poor baby, I don’t blame her. Our pediatrician suggested giving her anything cold and sweet. So we bought some Pedialyte freeze pops – and that was a fail.

So here was my next attempt: frozen yogurt covered blueberries… IT WORKED! Thank God! Hey, at least she has something in her tummy now! Here’s what to do:  rinse your berries and pat dry them with a paper towel. Next, drop one blueberry at a time into the yogurt and placed it on the parchment paper. 20 minutes in the freezer and voila!




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