Grape French Toast Roll-Ups

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, so its been hard for me to post our meal ideas lately. Also, Emma is going through some type of rejection phase… ugh, she refuses to eat anything but rice and chicken! I know this happens often, and I’m praying that it passes soon because it gets a little frustrating putting meals together to then be tossed. But we’ll get through this.

This morning I made grape jelly French toast roll ups. It was a total experiment and turned out soo good! I thought for sure Emma would eat it all up, but she took two bites and pushed the plate to the side. Anyways, I ate it and it was delicious. So try them out!

I started with a slice of whole wheat toast. Cut off the crust and press down to flatten it a bit. Spread some grape jelly and roll it up. The tighter you roll it up the better it’ll stay put together. Next, I dipped the roll up into our scrambled egg, greased a pan and cooked it about 2-3 minutes on each side. It turned out delicious, no need for syrup because the grape jelly was sweet enough.

IMG_20150601_095744 IMG_20150601_100046 IMG_20150601_100134 IMG_20150601_100308


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