Toddler friendly bowl of cereal!

Good morning!

Have you tried giving a toddler a bowl of cereal and milk? Just thinking about it kicks in my ocd. It’s a mess! Shoot, it’s even a mess for adults sometimes, you know… the slurping and dripping of milk. But cereal and milk is an everyday, practical, easy breakfast that is great for mornings in which you just don’t have time to make something elaborate.

But for little ones, it just isn’t that easy to eat unless you feed it to them. Lets be real, we don’t always have the time for that! So I found this cereal that is soo yummy, healthy, and works great for toddlers: Kashi Berry Fruitful.


Here’s how to make it toddler friendly: Pour cereal into the bowl, pour the milk and let it sit for about 5 minutes. The cereal will soak up most of the milk. Drain the milk that was left at the bottom of the bowl and serve!


The squares are filled with milk, Emma actually sips out the milk first and them eats the cereal. Its a great way to have them eat cereal and milk on their own. You can leave a little more milk each time so that as the child grows they start to learn to eat it on their own.

And here’s my little Emma, bed head and all eating her bowl of cereal and milk!



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