AB&J Cubes

Today has been a very grey and gloomy day in Miami, sort of sucks all energy out of you! The mood has been very relaxed and sluggish here at home, so we had a quick and simple lunch. Almond butter and jelly sandwiches with sliced sweet peppers on the side.

It’s the basic pb&j sandwich, just substituted the ingredients. We used two slices of thin whole wheat sliced bread, Barney & Co bare almond butter and Publix Greenwise grape jelly. Publix also has strawberry jelly in their Greenwise line, but I wouldn’t suggest it for the little ones, only because 75% of the jar was filled with huge strawberry chunks. If you like that type of jelly, go for it! But my experience with Emma wasn’t the best so we tried the grape and it’s delicious.


Another tip: I have horrible carpal tunnel in both hands and cutting food into little pieces is very painful because I can’t keep my fist clenched very long. So the pizza cutter is my best friend, best way to cut foods into little slices, or cubes in this case.

The peppers weren’t a hit today, maybe if I had put some almond butter or something on the side for her to dip them into. But the ab&j cubes flew!



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