Pan Fried Bananas!

Bananas never last very long here at the Gudiels…. we LOVE anything banana!

This morning for breakfast I made Emma star shaped french toast, agave covered pan fried bananas, and a berry smoothie. Everything turned out delicious!

The french toast were pretty basic. I started with thin slice whole wheat toast and cut out small star shapes. I got 3-4 stars per slice. In a bowl I scrambled an egg and then added some cinnamon and vanilla extract. Heat up your pan to medium-low heat. Dip the toast pieces into the egg mixture, make sure you cover it well. Then spray your pan with non-stick spray and drop in the toast. I let it cook for about 3 minutes each side. You don’t want it to burn, but you also want to make sure the egg cooks!

I was going to just slice up the banana and plate it with the french toast but then it hit me, lets heat it up! So I sprayed the same pan with a little more non-stick, sliced up the bananas and drizzled agave nectar over them. Be cautious, they cook really fast! I sliced the banana a little too thin this time, so I would definitely recommend to slice it thicker especially if its for tiny toddler hands. The best part about the agave bananas is that there was no need to add syrup or agave to the french toast because the bananas were a great topping! Try it, and enjoy!



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