Flying with a toddler

This past weekend we traveled to Cary, North Carolina to visit my sister and her family. Driving there from Miami isn’t horribly long, but I definitely prefer hopping onto a plane and arriving in only two hours.

We’ve traveled through air with Emma now three times, and I honestly think we’ve mastered it this time. The first time we traveled she was only 6 months, you can imagine just how many bags we had! One for food, one for clothes, one for toys, etc. The second time was a little better but still consisted of a lot of baggage. This time, all we had was a checked in bag, a carry on bag, a car seat and a stroller. WIN!

For the most part all of Emma’s items were packed into the checked in bag. I left the carry on bag only with things we would need while on the plane. Here are some of our must haves:

  • bottle of milk for take off – drinking during take off helps relieve ear pressure.
  • snacks: cereals and fruit snacks. Simple and not too messy.
  • iPad: we downloaded her current movie obsession (Monsters Inc.) perfect way to pass time.
  • blanket: those planes can get pretty chilly, especially on the evening flights.
  • diapers and wipes: and pray she didn’t have a poopy diaper while flying.
  • earphones: this was a new addition that I was a little hesitant about.

I’m not a huge fan of babies glued to their iPads with earphones on. I see it all the time and think “Emma is never going to be like that” but I think this was an exception. Since we flew during the night, I figured most surrounding passengers were going to be sleeping, the last thing they would want is a cranky toddler with a loud iPad blasting Disney movies. So we got the headphones just in case, and she used them a bit, but thankfully didn’t completely rely on the ipad to stay calm.

And so thankfully we had a GREAT trip with two successful flights with our little Emma!

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