C-Section Awareness Month!

Here’s how I remember it!

Monday morning we woke up, got ready and drove to the hospital knowing we would soon meet our little Emma Grace. This is us before leaving to the hospital.


They took me into the OR, Jay had to stay back in the waiting room until they told him they were ready. Of course I was so nervous, and alone!! They prepped me for the epidural. It took the anesthesiologist about 5 tries. At this point I was REALLY NERVOUS, shaking and in pain because of all the times they had poked my back. Finally they said “we got it” they laid me down and put up a blue curtain so that I wouldn’t be able to see from my neck down. Finally, I saw Jay standing next to me. I didn’t even notice when he walked in the room. By that time I couldn’t feel anything and the doctors were already working on getting Emma out.

1381880_10200664342186565_2012885874_n  553833_10200664342306568_1020638030_n

And then…. we heard her!! It happened so fast! We were parents. They popped her tiny head over the blue curtain so that I could see her and then took her to the changing table where they took her vitals, wrapped her up in a blanket and handed her over. Then we all sang happy birthday. What a special moment! So they finished up with me, took the baby to the nursery and rolled me over into recocery. I was in recovery for what seemed like a lifetime. I was so anxious to see my baby girl again and hold her, really hold her!. It all happened so quickly that I couldn’t really remember what she looked like. Finally couple hours later they transferred me to my private room and then there she came rolling in, my Emmy! Recovery was PAINFUL but so worth it. That’s my birth story! Happy c-section awareness month!

1383013_10200664346386670_338050691_n 1382791_10200664346586675_1458813257_n


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