Chicken Taquitos

Last week I wasn’t able to post at all, Emma was sick all week with a stomach bug. So she wasn’t eating anything at all! I should’ve posted on what to do if your kids are sick and won’t eat, but really I had no answers or suggestions because she rejected EVERYTHING!

But thankfully she is feeling all better and her appetite is back as well.
So last night we bought a rotisserie chicken from Publix, they are so yummy and great for last minute dinners. We had a lot of left overs so I decided to make chicken taquitos.

Really simple! All you need is tortillas, cheese, chicken, and sour cream or Greek yogurt for dipping. I cut the tortillas is half so that it wouldn’t overlap too much. Remember to not fill it too much so that it’s easy for little hands to eat witouht it falling apart. Roll them up and place in oven for 8-10 minutes. Lunch was a hit, Emma ate it all up. She especially enjoyed the dipping in sauce part.




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