Last minute lunch!

There are days that seem to go by so sloooow, and then there are days like today. Days where you don’t even realize that the hours a flying by! For days like today, I make sure to have these essential “last minute lunch” ingredients stocked up in the kitchen: pastas and sauces, frozen meatballs, deli meats, flour tortillas, cheeses, frozen chicken tenders, and a couple others but these are the ones mostly used. So for lunch today I prepared a classic… spaghetti and meatballs.

I made a batch of homemade meatballs a while ago that I keep in the freezer and take out as needed. I’ll post my recipe on that soon, so you’ll have to come back to find it 😉

But today instead I used the Earth’s Best mini beef meatballs (delicious) some thin spaghetti, tomato sauce and lots of parmesano cheese. It was great! Stay tuned for Mama Gudi’s homemade meatballs coming soon!



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